Puskás Arena, opening ceremony:

On November 15, 2019, a new national stadium, the Puskás Arena, opened. It was built in less than a thousand days, thanks to the hard work of 1500 people a day. It is the most modern in everything, but in the meantime, it also preserved the memory of the previous stadium on its site, the Népstadion which was destroyed by fire. It will be more than a venue for football matches, it will also host concerts, events and cultural events.

Our company was represented at the opening ceremony, with more than 200 hostesses in front of a full house. The 67,000 fans met the members of our team during ticketing and crowd management. We also took care of the undisturbed entertainment of the guests in both the VIP parts of the stadium and on the Sky box level, too. And we entertained the Hungarian fans with different activities in the corridors.

Even after the opening, we do not have to worry that we can only return to the Arena for the next national team match. Thanks to the various function rooms of the building, many events are held in this football sanctuary of the Hungarian people. The exclusive provider of the hostess service in the stadium is the Apple PS Hostess agency at all times.